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The Friends of Sutton Ecology Centre is a community organisation of volunteers, set up in October 2008 to support the activities of Sutton Ecology Centre. The Friends are based at Sutton Ecology Centre and work in partnership with Sutton's Biodiversity Team.


The Friends organisation was established to support the activities of the Sutton Ecology Centre which is an environmental educational facility comprising of a 2.2 hectare Nature Reserve and various out-buildings. This is achieved through an independent non-political organisation of volunteers, reflecting the diversity of the local community.


The Friends organisation is free to join and consists of an appointed Committee and Members.


- Promote the long term success of Sutton Ecology Centre as a designated Local Nature Reserve and centre of excellence for environmental education


- Promote conservation, protection and improvement of Sutton Ecology Centre, including its historic buildings, land, flora and fauna


- Foster an ethos of community ownership and support for the continued success of the Sutton Ecology Centre as a local resource


- Act as independent ambassadors for Sutton Ecology Centre on matters associated with the Council and local community


We raise funds to support the Ecology Centre by holding an annual Summer Garden Party and a Christmas Fair in conjunction with the Annual Carshalton Frost Fair. The money raised is used  to support maintenance, planting and educational activities and promotion in the Ecology Centre.

We also support a range of Sutton Ecology Centre trails and

activities by providing refreshments and contribute to subsidising

school visits to the Centre.

The Friends administer the small allotment plots in the Ecology

Centre and to apply to go on the waiting list please email us at

Summer Garden Party 2023


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